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Image by Richard Biros

MagTrack+ activation


Peace of mind with Parksafe MagTrack+ 


Just £9.99 per month including VAT.

Activate your MagTrack+ online




Every month

Including VAT

Valid until canceled

Simple covert self install

Up to 5yr battery life

Thatcham S7 approved

Features and applications

  • Sends GPS (location, speed) information to your application server with configurable report interval (moving or stationary)

  • Can store up to 1000 messages when signal is lost

  • Optional mode which sets the device to automatically wake up when it senses the asset is moving and power down when it is stationary

  • When battery level is low, the device will send ‘low battery’ alarm message

  • Battery: 7800/6000mAh

  • Device reports cell-ID based location information where GPS is not positioned

  • Configuration, setting and firmware can be remotely upgraded

  • IP65 waterproof

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