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asked questions

  • Can you help if my vehicle is stolen?
    Once stolen and reported, our team can get to work and will notify the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who will track activity until the vehicle / asset is at a standstill. At that point, a team of finders will be deployed to locate and secure your vehicle for recovery.
  • How do I activate my subscription?
    Simply complete the checkout process and you will then receive email confirmation followed by an email containing steps to connect you to the Parksafe MagTrack+ tracking platform and Trak+ app.
  • How do I report a theft?
    Should you be unlucky enough to fall victim to a theft, you can raise the alarm using the Trak+ app, or by calling our alarm receiving centre directly. Once the alarm has been raised, your asset will be monitored until it is in a resting location. At that point, our team of finders will be deployed to locate and secure your asset, ready for collection.
  • Can I track the recovery?
    For your own protection, once the alarm is raised, tracking is suspended and the system goes into private viewing mode. Our finders are highly trained and experienced in handling what may turn out to be confrontational situations and your safety is paramount, along with the securing of your stolen asset.
  • How do I charge my MagTrack+?
    Full charging instructions can be found in this document: .


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